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First Fawn

It wasn't a very good day to enter the world, but that's what one little fawn did today. When I was driving home tonight between Rockton and Ontario I saw a doe acting funny in a lowland field. I slowed down and took a look at what was happening. There it was, a tiny, new fawn trying to keep up but slowing his mama down. She waited patienly for him, but he wasn't moving very quickly yet. The warm sunshine tomorrow should help to get some spring in his step so that he can keep up with his mama.

I always scan the hillsides for the first new fawn of the year. Seeing a fawn isn't anything new for me, but the first one of the year is always exciting. I guess it's because that is a signal of the start of the lifecycle and all that entails. Plus, those cute spotted fawns make everyone smile, even on a rainy day!

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