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Driftwood Inn Motel

Wisconsin's Driftless Areas

Summer is Almost Over, but Fall will be Spectacular!

As summer draws to a close we sometimes are sad to see it go for one reason or another. For some of us it is because we have to go back to school, for others it means that summer vacations are over, and some of use just dread winter that is right around the corner! It has been a great summer here in the Kickapoo Valley. Mother Nature has given us plenty of rain to make the plants grow and keep the water high so all of our visitors that wanted to take a trip down the Kickapoo could do that a little quicker with less paddling. Although summer is coming to an end, don't forget about how great fall is in the Driftless Area. We have beautiful scenery all year, but fall is a magic time. If you haven't ever been here in the fall, I encourage you to come and see it for yourself.

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